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Nationalist Review

May 21, 2018

WE'RE BACK! James is joined in studio by Alex Witoslawski for the return of Nationalist Review after a brief hiatus.

Hour 1: the not-so-royal wedding, Tucker on diversity, Trump's "animals" comment, Breitbart covering for Twitter censorship.

Hour 2: midterm news, Russia narrative collapse, Kaitlin Bennett & Juan Pablo...

Apr 17, 2018


This week, Joseph Roen and Wardidly join James to discuss some movement on immigration, the Syria crisis, and conservatives' constant missing the point on demographics.

In hour 2, Mike Enoch joins the program with a post-facto reaction to the Syria strikes.



Apr 11, 2018

The very first LIVE episode of Nationalist Review, as broadcast on James' YouTube channel.

We take calls from the audience with a variety of takes on the prospect of a war in Syria- responses range from staunchly anti-war, pro-airstrike, pro-war in Israel- and everything in between.



Apr 2, 2018

We're back in the studio with a new episode, discussing the incoming migrant caravan.  James Allsup hosts, with Joseph Roen from the America First Discord riding shotgun.

In hour two, we dive into the opioid crisis, Brave New World futurism, the Liberalist question, Vee's gypsy tent, and our redpilling...

Mar 26, 2018

In another special episode of Nationalist Review, James speaks at the Northwest Forum in the Seattle area about the redpilling process, interfacing with Republicans, and the current political climate.